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Collectible Doll Info on Porcelain Dolls 
from AnythingGoes

Most collectors accept their porcelain dolls as part of the family. They truly love dolls. There are many factors that affect the value of porcelain dolls, but it is apparent that none is more valuable than the one that holds a place in the collector's heart.

The condition of the porcelain dolls will most certainly determine their values. The porcelain dolls face should be bright, with even coloring on the doll body. Stained or significantly worn Porcelain Dolls or dolls not presented in the original costume would be less valuable and generally less desirable. 

Porcelain Dolls from earlier years are rarely found in good condition and have often been restored. It is important to know that in many instances restoration can actually lower the value of porcelain dolls because most collectors prefer their dolls in original condition. If restoration has occurred on the porcelain dolls you are considering, there are several questions to consider before determining a purchase. Make sure that the restoration of the porcelain dolls was done correctly by using original techniques and materials. Porcelain Dolls from earlier years may have reproduction clothing. The fabrics and trims used in the reproduction clothing should be representative of the period in which the porcelain dolls were made. The appropriate restoration and general integrity of porcelain dolls is important in determining their values.

Many books, guides and specialized porcelain dolls magazines provide information about manufacturers, trademarks, and model numbers and include size charts to assist in identifying your collectible dolls. Specialized doll magazines offer lists of dealers and current market values of porcelain dolls. However, books and price guides on porcelain dolls generally only indicate values for dolls in excellent or "mint" condition. 

Buying porcelain dolls can require much patience and consideration. Even the most experienced collectors of porcelain dolls can become confused in the collectible doll market. However, there are several ways for the porcelain dolls collector to gain confidence and minimize costly mistakes when considering a purchase. By arming yourself with extensive knowledge of porcelain dolls you will be amply prepared to successfully make that special porcelain dolls purchase.

When purchasing porcelain dolls, first carefully consider the condition of the doll and definitely request a receipt! Ask the seller to provide a detailed description of the porcelain dolls including the age, origin and condition, as well as the price paid and where, when and from whom the doll was purchased. 

Current clothing fashions or popularity of a particular clothing era may influence the popularity of a specific type of porcelain dolls, and thus, increase its value. Of course, other factors such as age, rarity, and general demand for the doll will also greatly affect the worth of your porcelain dolls. 

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