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Collectible Porcelain & China Dolls Information from AnythingGoes

A Bit of Information on Collecting Porcelain Dolls……

Collectible porcelain dolls from earlier years are rarely found in good condition and have often been restored. If restoration has occurred on the collectible porcelain dolls you are considering, there are several questions to consider before determining a value. Make sure that the restoration of the collectible porcelain dolls was done correctly by using original techniques and materials.

Collectible porcelain dolls from earlier years are often found with reproduction clothing. The fabrics and trims used in the reproduction should be representative of the period in which the collectible porcelain dolls were made. The correct fashions of the day should be incorporated into the clothing as well. The appropriate restoration and general integrity of collectible porcelain dolls is important in determining their values.

Collectible porcelain dolls from doll makers in Germany, France and Denmark became popular in the early 1800’s. However, it wasn’t until the late 19th century that a German doll manufacture began to mass produce heads, arms and legs of these dolls. Large quantities of doll pieces could be exported and then joined to composite, wood or kidskin bodies later for resale. By the late l890s there were only a handful of companies providing nearly all the collectible porcelain dolls heads in the business.

Collectible porcelain dolls had only represented the body and clothing of an adult until the introduction of the French "Bebe" by Jumeau in the mid 1800’s. The "Bebe" collectable porcelain doll not only had beautiful, delicate faces, but their clothing was exquisitely crafted and reflected the finest in fashion worn by the upper class of the day.

The German collectable porcelain doll, although not as elegant as the French doll, became quite popular because they were less expensive, and thus, more affordable to the general population.

Collectable porcelain dolls of today vary in form from baby dolls to youngsters to adult and are available in a variety of sizes, nationalities and costumes. Many of the dolls in today’s market are considered artistic pieces and continue to be highly collectible at all levels.