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SUPER COLLECTION available from Kathy G.
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I have to sell my doll collection. As you will see it is very eclectic- inherited from my grandmother and continued thru the 1990's. Attached is a brief summary of the collection with some thumbnail pictures.  


Brief Summary of Dolls in Collection

Nun Doll- 13”- Vintage 1950’s
Mexican Couple- 10” porcelains Vintage
Amish Pair- 10” ‘Marle Potaco’ Vintage
Bride & Groom- 9” Madame A style Vintage 1940’s
Black Woman- hand carved character doll 22”
Irish Peasant Girl- 10” Irish Turf-Owens Craft 1984
Kerry Woman Peasant- 12” ‘Jay’ of Dublin
Pastel Maiden- 12” Andever Kunstgewerbe
Twig Women-12” B. Devouassouz
Indian w/Papoose- 14” Cloth-Vintage
Mexican Girl- 9” Vintage
Flower Frumpy- 19” ‘Melancholy Dollies’ by Sandy Harrison
Bermuda Traditional- 12” Vintage
Maiden- 10”- Cloth-Vintage
Bermuda-10” Native- Vintage
Rag Doll- 12”-Vintage
Czech Peasant Girl- 7”- ‘Slovak Home Industry’
Austrian Girl- 12” Vintage
French- 12”-Plastic
Madame Alexander- Mermaid (gold/orange)
Madame Alexander- Mermaid (gold/orange)
Swiss Girl-12” sitting ‘Andexer Kunst Gewerbe’ Vintage
Molleys Spanish- 14” #2816 Vintage
Raggedy Ann & Andy Pair- 8” Knickerbocker
Marlene Dietrich Character Doll- 36”
2 ‘Cradle toy’ babies 1980’s 20
Marilyn Monroe Porcelin-25”- ‘Franklin Mint’
Snow White Queen Porcelin-12” ‘Mann’ Collectables
Jackie Kennedy Bride Porcelin-20” Franklin Mint
Mexican Couple- 10”-Vintage
Jesus “Let The Children Come” Porcelin-25” Danbury Mint
Frank Sinatra Porcelin-22”-Franklin Mint
Spanish Lady-14” Vintage
Martha & George- 7”- 1750 era-antique
1-Lennox- Bride
2-Royal Dalton (1 Vintage 1950’s & 1990)
Miniatures- Various Antique 1800’s –hand carved family/early 1900’s comp. Family
Porcelin-10” Antique-Purple dress
Porcelin-12” Antique-White Dress
Comp. /Porc. -22” Antique-White Dress
Porcelain Head- 6” diameter-Antique
Senior Couple-12”-‘Boodedurker Haddens’-Cloth-Vintage/Antique
Misc. 20-30 Misc. dolls


·Angel Collection- approx. 25 dolls includes Vintage musical kissing angels and porcelains, 3 original ‘Hummel’ Christmas angels #1258/59/60

·Harlequin Collection- 10 dolls
-PA#915 (Gold Lame)
-PA#915 (Pastels Satin)
-Brinn’s 1990 feathers & fur (blue)
-J&J Designs collectable
-Brinn’s Porcelain limited
-J&J Christmas porcelain
-Diane Bell Collectable

·Wizard of Oz Collection-Witch- 18” MGM/Turner 1987
-Dorothy- Barbie Mattel 1987
-Witch Crystal Ball- Franklin Mint 1995

·Cinderella Collection
Cinderella- 18” Franklin Mint Heirloom porcelain
Cinderella- 10” Bank 1970’s
Cinderella- 12” Soakey 1960’s
Cinderella- Price Charming ‘Ken Doll’ Mattel
Cinderella- Limited edition ornament
Cinderella-Limited edition music box

·Oriental Doll Collection- approx. 15 Porcelains, 1 musical, vintage, 2 antique, 1 14” 1985 ‘Rice Paddy Baby’

·3- Norman Rockwell Character Porcelains 1980’s 13”
1-Norman Rockwell ‘Prom Date’ Franklin Mint 1980’s 22”

·Camelot Collection Porcelains- 25” Franklin Mint

·Barbies- Various


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