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 Welcome to Collectible Dolls! Below is a sample of the information you will find on our site. We will be growing fairly fast, so look for many more pages on collectible dolls to be added very soon... be sure to visit oor China and Collectible Porcelain Doll and Madame Alexander pages...

What Are My Collectible Dolls Worth?
The condition of your collectible dolls will most certainly determine their values. Dolls that are stained or dirty, show significant wear or collectible dolls not presented in their original costume or accessories will bring only a fraction of the price indicated by pricing guides. Collectible dolls presented in an original unopened box will bring very attractive prices. Of course, other factors such as age, rarity, and general demand for the doll will greatly affect the worth of your dolls as well.

Why are Porcelain Dolls so Much More Expensive?
Much of the value of vintage porcelain dolls is based on the popularity of the artist. This also brings into play other factors such as the quantity produced and how many limited edition numbers were assigned. Original artists collectible dolls are far more valuable than mass produced dolls. 

What are Some of the Collectible Doll Reference Guides to Look for?
There is variety of resources available to help determine the value of your dolls. Many magazines, books and guides provide information about trademarks, manufacturers and mold lot numbers. Antique Doll Collector magazine offers specialized lists of dealers of antique collectable dolls. But, be aware, the pricing guidance is generally based on dolls in excellent or mint condition. 

What is the Fascination with Barbie Dolls?
Probably, marketing played a big role -- introduced in 1956, collectible Barbie dolls have been the fascination of little girls and their moms alike from day one. Collectable Barbies are now available in over 130 countries around the world.  Much more is available at our Barbie pages...

Where Does one Start in His or Her Quest to Procure These Dolls?
The advent of the Internet has certainly helped and auction sites such as eBay and Theriault's are great avenues to start with.

Interested in Stuffed and Collectible Teddy Bears? Our Bears Directory has sites covering it all - Like sites with teddy bear gifts, various teddy bear artist (like Gund), sites offering personalized and handmade teddy  bears. We even have a bit on their history. 

Other Great Resources? Sites like and Barbie Collector also offer some great information on collectible dolls.


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